The Story of Us

Every culture has one: the story of why we are here.  These stories contain the most important stuff of our collective beliefs, which is why I think it’s time for a new story.


I’m most familiar with the story of Jesus, but there are many more with names like Buddha, Mohammad and Zeus.  All of these stories are fictional in nature because until recently, our ability to tell stories of this magnitude were limited.  Yet there’s something in them I find fascinating.

Beliefs are important because they influence the way we think about ourselves.

These may be stories of our ancient past, but they’re also powerful narratives intended to guide our behaviors. Beliefs are important because they influence the way we think about ourselves.

All major religions promote peace by holding individuals accountable to being good. While our definition of “good” may be subjective, nearly everyone agrees on the central tenants: be honest, don’t cause harm, and help others.

The only problem with the old narratives are that they aren’t true.  And their insights into the human being are outdated, calling their credibility into question. They are ancient stories crafted when we knew far less than today.

There is a better narrative in which to believe.  This narrative is based on the best of human knowledge: just the things we are most confident we understand.  It communicates an important concept that we are capable of doing bad things and need encouragement to do good things.  And best of all, it rescues the idea of personal growth from the spiritual arena. This narrative  tells the “Story of Us” from a scientific perspective.

Here is my “New Story of Us”…

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