Challenging Tradition

I’m ready to take a stand. I support gay marriage. 
As I sat in a courtroom on Monday and listened to arguments from the State in defense of the current ban on gay marriage in Idaho, I was baffled.
I did not hear arguments that gay marriage would hurt anyone; in fact, many courts have already found that children raised by gay parents fair no better or worse than those raised by “traditional” couples.  
So what exactly is the argument? One word: tradition.
Even though they could not be hurt personally, their churches would not need to marry homosexual couples, and their communities would not need to spend a dime; despite all this they want marriage to remain as-is. Tradition.
When is it okay to challenge traditions? It was okay when we allowed interracial marriages, gave women the right to vote, and outlawed slavery.  Why not now?
Come on Idaho, let’s not be last to affirm what we all know is true – same sex couples can be in love.  They should be able to marry, have kids and be afforded every right our “traditional” couples have.  
It’s fair, and THAT’S a tradition every Idahoan truly wants to keep.