Justifying Slavery

A catechist that a chief wanted to sell because “he taught doctrines that the ancients did not know about”, Les Baloïs (Haut-Oubanghi area, 150 km north of Liranga towards Impfondo, Congo), 1905, photograph by Father Leray, second series of postcards published by Father Augouard (before 1912)

How would you have felt about slavery if you lived 200 years ago?

Defending slavery today is completely immoral, but it’s wide practice and enormous benefits made it easy to defend for thousands of years.

Today we can feel good about having made an important social transition in human civilization.  We don’t enslave humans anymore.  It’s crazy to think we did.

This leaves me with a burning question: is there a modern equivalent?  Is there a practice future generations will find atrocious, yet is widely popular today?

I believe there is; another group being exploited through complete control. I believe that the way we treat animal life is a modern example of slavery.

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