About Jason

Jason Sears, BackpackingI grew up in California climbing pine trees and building forts.  Today I feel passion when playing an active role in making this world a little better.

I’m grateful for much, including a loving upbringing and a special relationship with a life partner. I look back fondly on my childhood, and realize that my attitudes about world peace are in part possible because I grew up with a lot of love and trust.

Years spent learning about social problems has led me to believe strongly that there is hope for peace among humanity.


I once had a powerful vision. I was afraid for my life in a small boat floating in a large body of water, challenged by waves and dense fog.  After some time a light appeared and I followed.  The light gave me hope that I wasn’t alone, and safety was close. As I traveled, the waves soon subsided and the fog lifted, and my fear melted away.  As I got closer to my guiding light, more lights began to fade into view.  It was then I noticed a dark lamp in the back of my own boat, and wondered if there were others adrift in the darkness.  I lit it, looking back into the darkness and remembering what is was like to be alone and afraid.

I’ve had many lights in my life: my wife, parents, teachers and authors. The most influential were Michael Shermer, Steven J Gould, Esther and Stephanie Sears.

This blog is my light.


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