I stand for peace

I was raised to believe I was special.
Now I see I’m the same.
What once was Godly and transcendent,
Is now scientific and tame.

Yet something inside me is still reaching out
To find a connection to more
I see the possible in humanity’s soul,
Ideas long carried through lore.

For ages we’ve survived as all life has,
But recently we’ve broken free
Perched atop our mountains of wealth,
Humanity is beginning to see.


The age of our survival has long since past,
Yet we act like animals still.
How do we leave our old selves behind
How do we fortify our will?

We now understand how we are special,
Both individually and as a group.
Our futures depend on a new transcendence,
Has life thrown humanity for a loop?

Will you turn to face that inner animal?
Will you take control of yourself?
Do you know where to find real Wisdom?
Can you try to share your wealth?

Will you commit to the path of peace,
And leave aggression behind?
Will you find the best in everyone,
And see through our animal rind?

I stand here now as an agent of love.
I stand for humankind peace.
Will you step forward to take your place?
Will you call surviving to cease?


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