Be The Wind

It’s time to hold tight,
An ignorance has died.
And now I must say it,
I’ve lost the wind.

My trusty boat,
No longer sailing.
It’s trusty wind,
I will feel no more.

A new path ahead,
Unlike any before.
Am I ready? No.
And yet, it’s time.

Looking back,
I see what I’ve learned.
Looking forward,
I know what to do next.

My life is like others,
Yet like others, I’m unique.
Am I grounded in reality?
Or am I the fool?

We are caught in a tale,
Of world peace.
Passengers on a quest,
To transcend survival.

I may no longer,
Have the wind.
But now,
I can be the wind.

Hold tight,
Fair passengers,
It’s time.
It’s time.


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